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Simply put, our methods vary by site. But there are a few steps that
we generally follow to ensure a professional. thorough investigation.
They include:

Discovery Whether a renowned haunted landmark
or a private residence, we’ll uncover every aspect of the location’s “haunted history.” It’s usually conducted via public archives and interviews with those said to have had experiences. Once completed, our “hot spots” are determined for set-up and investigation.

Equipment Set-up – Next, we position our equipment in the known "hot spots" in hopes of documenting paranormal activity. Some equipment we leave running by itself for more timid spirits, and some we carry with us. Quite often, we'll repurpose equipment from other industries. However, the technologies we most commonly use include:

Hand-Held Night-Vision Camcorders with Infrared  Illuminators, plus Digital Cameras for visual anomalies
• Hard-Wired Security Night-Vision Cameras with Digital Video Recorders for full coverage
• Digital Voice Recorders to capture electronic voice phenomena (EVPs)
• Electromagnetic Detectors to measure fluctuations
in the electromagnetic field
• Temperature and Barometric Gauges for unusual atmospheric changes

Investigate – Conducted between the hours of 10 pm and
5 am, we break into smaller groups and invite any "being" present to actively interact with us. If acceptable by the client, we'll often try to provoke spirits to elicit a response. Sometimes it happens; sometimes it doesn't. Then again, you never quite know until Media Review.

Media Review – We analyze every frame, audio clip
and photo for unexplained occurrences. If we recorded 100 hours of material, that’s what we review. We don’t cut corners or make assumptions as to where the activity might be. Reason being, quiet nights on an investigation often reveal it was anything but upon review.

Findings – Next, we'll sit down with you and show you what we found. If we believe there's a haunting, we’ll tell you so. If it’s inconclusive, we’ll try and offer alternate explanations. Our goal isn’t to prove or disprove your experiences. It's merely to take an objective look and see if we can document it. Nothing more; nothing less.