Avenel Plantation

Bedford, VA

The original plantation known as Avenel was built circa 1838 by William M. Burwell and his wife, Frances Steptoe Burwell. Once Avenel was completed, the Burwell’s, along with their two young daughters, Letitia (Lettie) and Catherine (Kate), moved in with Frances’s widowed mother, Mrs. James Steptoe, and her son Edward. The Burwell’s then had two more daughters, Mary Frances (Fan), and Rosalie (Rosa). Unfortunately, their only son, James Steptoe Burwell, died at less than one year old.

In 1906, Avenel was purchased by J. W. Ballard. The home remained in the Ballard family until 1985, when it was purchased by the Avenel Foundation.

March 12, 2011
Investigators: Beth Rosen & Matt Rosen

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Findings: Nothing to report

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