Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary

Petros, TN

Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary last named Brushy Mountain Correctional Complex (also called Brushy) was a large maximum-security prison in the town of Petros in Morgan County, Tennessee, operated by the Tennessee Department of Correction. It was established in 1896 and operated until 2009.

With a history of violence and disease, it is considered very paranormally active to this day.  On a good night you may see the phone lift out of its cradle and then put back by the ghost of Jack Jett, a well known murder victim of the penitentiary.

June 26, 2021
Investigators: Beth Rosen, Heather Olsen, Jenny Breitbarth & Kathy Sellers with guests Nick Wendling, Amanda Hannah, Josh Voyles, Maeve Sasscer Ybanez, Eric Singleton & Jen Kozlof of NAPS North Carolina, Troy Haney & Jenn Stubstad of Off-Grid Paranormal.

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Findings: Nothing to report

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