Below you’ll find common questions that we’ve been asked by clients, other paranormal groups and the public in general. If you have a question or concern that’s not addressed here, please feel free to contact us.

Absolutely not. Grave Concerns is not a commercial venture. We’re in this field because it’s our passion.
We use a variety of equipment but digital voice recorders and portable cameras are staples of any investigation. The only thing that we have yet to obtain is a thermal-imaging camera. Of course, if you’d like to donate one to the cause, we’re all ears. 🙂 In terms of timing, we generally investigate on weekends and during the late evening and pre-dawn hours when paranormal activity is usually most active.
In a perfect world — everywhere. But our day jobs keep us close to Virginia, other areas of the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast.
No. I'm sorry, we no longer investigate private homes.
We prefer not to classify the locations we've investigated. We can only testify to the activity or inactivity that we've experienced while there. We don’t presume to have all the answers and we don’t work under the assumption that the paranormal only responds to us.
Each member’s reason is their own. But from a group’s standpoint, we entered the paranormal world because we were dedicated to providing cold hard evidence of the unknown. It started with a single investigation years ago and, as all passions do, grew from there.
That depends. Do you have fleet of vans and thermal-imaging cameras? (Just kidding.) Actually, potential members and new members usually grow with the group over time.
Yes, we do. Frankly, we’re much more likely to partner with a group who holds the same unwavering beliefs regarding objectivity and documentation. Send us an email if you’re interested in teaming up.
In no way do we dismiss those with extraordinary powers. But for us, it’s a matter of documentation. And the personal experiences of a medium or psychic can’t be documented. So, generally speaking, we don’t partner with them on an investigation.
We're easy going folks, but we're also pretty protective of our name and logo. In fact, both are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and here's proof. So, the answer is 'no way and don't even try it.' However, we do wish you the best on coming up with your own. 🙂