Ferry Plantation

Virginia Beach, VA

Built in 1830 by George and Elizabeth (Walke) MacIntosh in Virginia Beach, VA Ferry Plantation is considered a National Historic Landmark.

It’s not known for certain who haunts the house but there is plenty of history to make it paranormal.  Not too far from the home you can find a native American Indian burial site of the Chesepian Indians that might contribute to some of the paranormal happenings.  Some of the paranormal claims consist of lights turning themselves on and a former slave named Henry that still walks around the house telling investigators that he likes it there and decided (after emancipation) that he still would not leave.  The house currently offers both daytime investigations for groups and nighttime investigations for the paranormal groups by themselves.

September 26, 2009
Investigators: Beth Rosen & Matt Rosen with guest Christian Daly

Location Photos: Click to enlarge


Third Floor: After our investigator issues a greeting to any spirits present she actually receives a faint response in return.

Grave Concerns Paranormal does not view findings presented on this page as evidence of ghosts or the paranormal. These are merely experiences that we can not explain at this time.