Historic Jordan Springs

Stephenson, VA

The first hotel White Sulfur Springs Resort Hotel of hand-cut limestone is still in use today, and houses Pub 1832 on the ground level. In 1855, Edwin Clarendon JordanSr., and opened the second larger, wooden hotel.  The resort gained in popularity, not only for its healing waters, but also for its proximity to the capitol and the statesmen who loved to vacation there.The second hotel burned circa 1920.  During the Civil War (1861-1865) the resort ceased normal functions and was temporary converted into a hospital for both the Confederate and Union forces, depending upon which side held the nearby Winchester, Virginia.After the war, the Historic Jordan Springs Estate once again became a popular resort destination for many years.  In 1893, Edwin Clarendon JordanJr., the third hotel, but Jordan Springs began to decline as a resort.  In 1916, the resort ceased functioning.  Since then the resort has served many purposes including a school to train imported Iron Curtain students to fight against communism.  In 1953 the property operated as a Catholic Monastery and Seminary.  In 1972 the property was a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for young people which closed in 1999.  Since 2001 Historic Jordan Springs has served as an all-inclusive event and cultural center.

April 12, 2014
Investigators: Beth Rosen, Matt Rosen & Heather Olsen with guests Nick Wendling, Jon Michael, Aaron Wadia, Walter Bryant & Shawn Ott.

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Findings: Nothing to report

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