Major Graham Mansion

Max Meadows, VA

In 1826 Squire David purchased the initial parcel of Cedar Run and the Perry Mount iron furnace from the Joseph Baker and the Crockett families. In the 1770s, Joseph Baker’s cabin was located where the mansion now sits. Based on Montgomery Courthouse documents, Baker was murdered by his slaves, Bob and Sam, on this very property in 1786. Bob and Sam were hung from a Hickory tree on the hill overlooking the mansion and it is said they still roam these hills to this day!

The mansion was Built in the 1830s, it is said that the original owner, Major Graham lived there all of his life.  The Grahams went on to amass an empire of 12 iron forges and furnaces, thousands of acres of land, a mill, general store, part ownership of the local mines, as well as complete the construction of this beautiful mansion.

From the finely detailed scroll work on the original rear staircase to the beautiful huge oak doors in the dining room, this massive mansion was built to reflect the owner’s wealth and refinement. In fact, the legend, the lore, ghost stories, paranormal data, and history of this 250 year old property has quite a tale to tell with many a twist and turn. Legend has it that Confederate officers actually held secret meetings in the third floor attic “Confederate Room,” plotting battle strategies against the Yankees. From murderous slaves, to wounded Civil War soldiers and shackled servants, to the creation of an empire, the Major Graham Mansion holds a vast amount of local lore, ghost stories, and historical accounts to pique the interest any history buff.

June 29, 2013
Investigators: Beth Rosen, Matt Rosen & Heather Olsen with guest Will Ishee.

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