Meet The Team

Just because we’re interested in the darker side, doesn’t 
mean we don’t have a lighter side. Meet the experienced 
and dedicated investigators of Grave Concerns.

Beth Rosen, Founder – Beth has always been fascinated by all things dark, morbid and macabre. She has her mother to thank for that. She has had an interest in the paranormal since, well forever. And when exposed to more scientific approaches to the field, she made the jump with her own group. Her passion and grounded nature make Beth an irreplaceable leader. A “hopeful skeptic” might be the best way to describe Beth’s take on the paranormal. She always looks for reasonable and natural explanations for paranormal experiences. But she also accepts that some things may remain unexplained, even if only for the time being. She lives in Staunton, VA where she is a small business owner and proud mother to a spoiled dog Lucky and cat Hemingway.

Travis Spitzer, Investigator – Experiences when Travis was young drew him to be an investigator. He was doing it on my own until he met members of Grave Concerns and joined the group. He and his wife, Tammy have two sons Trevor and Tyler. He likes to joke around and sometimes may be considered a little weird, just another reason he’s such a good fit for this group. He’s been abducted by aliens, fought Bigfoot and been fondled by a ghost. True story…No, we’re just kidding 🙂

Heather Olsen, Investigator – All her life Heather has been fascinated with the paranormal. She loves the idea that there is so much more in this world that is waiting to be discovered. Like others she has had run ins with things she couldn’t quite explain and feelings she couldn’t ignore which just increased her interest in the paranormal even more. When she is not investigating she works in marketing and advertising. She lives in Virginia with her wonderful husband and two awesome kids.

Jenny Breitbarth, Investigator – Born in Los Angeles, Jenny moved to the South as a travel nurse where she met and married her wife. Her entry into the paranormal was at the age of 12 when her grandfather died. That night, she woke up to see him standing at the foot of her bed to say goodbye to her. She has been fascinated about it ever since. She would perform EVP sessions on her own until she eventually joined two prior teams before deciding to join Grave Concerns Paranormal.? Jenny’s hobbies are dogs, dogs, and more dogs! She and her wife care for 5 rescues and are often looking for more. When not working as an IV Infusion Nurse she is hiking, river rafting, or reading a good book.

Kathy Sellers, Investigator – Kathy was born and raised on Long Island, New York and moved to North Carolina in January 2000. Kathy received her bachelor of science degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Being born on the 13th, Kathy says she feels that she came into this world made for all things creepy and scary. Halloween is her favorite holiday and she has seen almost every horror movie ever made. Kathy’s love for scary movies and the paranormal was introduced to her by her mother as a young child. Kathy started paranormal investigating in 2008. Since then she has been on two priors teams before joining Graves Concerns Paranormal in 2021. Kathy is an admitted skeptic and is always looking for the answers to things she can’t explain. The love of paranormal investigating goes far beyond looking for “ghosts” and exploring “haunted” locations. The life long friendships that she has developed over the last 13 years through this adventure is far better than any other gift she has received.