Old Charleston Jail

Charleston, SC

Old Charleston Jail located in Charleston SC, operated from 1802 to 1939. The jail housed John and Lavinia Fisher both of whom were convicted of Highway robbery in the Charleston region from 1819 to 1820. John and Lavinia operated a hotel 6 miles from Charleston called the Six Mile Wayfarer House. Men around the area started to disappear and it was discovered that all had been guests at the hotel. One man that was apparently drugged by the Fishers was able to get away and contact authorities. Lavinia is said to be the first female serial killer in the United States. The couple was executed in the gallows behind the jail on February 18, 1820.

During 1822, many high-seas pirates were incarcerated at the jail while they waited hanging. Another famous case was that of Denmark Vesey. It’s said that he planned a slave revolt and four white men that supported his plot were imprisoned at the jail in1822. After Vesey’s plot was uncovered major restrictions in the Charleston areas were put in place for both slaves and free blacks. Any and all black seamen had to be kept at the jail while their ship was in port to prevent a revolt. Confederate and federal prisoners were also incarcerated at the jail during the civil war.

September 2, 2017
Investigators: Beth Rosen, Travis Spitzer & Heather Olsen.

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