Old Historic Harriman Hospital

Harriman, TN

Built in 1938 and opened in 1939, the first ever open house at then Harriman General Hospital was July 23, 1939.  The hospital began as a two story brick building totaling 275 linear feet.  By the 1970’s the community began to grow and so did the hospital, not only in size but technology.  By this time the hospital had stretched the entire city block. In the early 1990’s the hospital added a new four story addition.  The addition gave the hospital a new lease on life as a new emergency room was built, state of the art operating rooms, more patient rooms and the ICU were also added.  The hospital ultimately closed in 2013 sitting vacant for a number of years becoming a victim to the elements.

October 1, 2022
Investigators: Beth Rosen, Jenny Breitbarth, Kathy Sellers with guests Nick Wendling, Sandy Tregaskis, Joey Harris and Troy Haney and Jenn Stubstad of Off-Grid Paranormal.

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Findings: Nothing to report

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