Old South Pittsburg Hospital

South Pittsburg, TN

The medical facility (originally called the South Pittsburg Municipal Hospital) operated from 1959 to 1998, with employees over the years spotting or suspecting paranormal activity. Examples of this include hospital beds, wheelchairs and other inanimate objects moving on their own. The property sits at the base of South Pittsburg Mountain and is near the Tennessee River–locations associated with the Chiaha tribe. The hospital is built on solid limestone rock, with a natural spring running underneath the building. The hospital closed their doors to patients in 1998. Today, the former hospital has been labeled as one of the most haunted places in Tennessee.

July 2, 2011
Investigators: Beth Rosen, Matt Rosen & Lisa Shirkey

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Basement: While our investigators casually discuss separating to generate more activity, this eerie male voice was uncovered during audio review. We’re fairly certain the first word is ‘see’ but we’re unsure of the rest of the phrase.

What you see is split-screen coverage of the 2nd and 3rd floors, with audio only running on the third. In the lower left screen, you’ll see all of us on the 2nd floor. But amazingly, we capture a female moan on the third with everyone visually and undeniably accounted for.

September 1 & September 2, 2012
Investigators: Beth Rosen, Matt Rosen & Heather Olsen with guest Will Ishee.

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Second Floor Kasey’s Hallway: While investigating an area where a little girl has been seen in the past, called Kasey, we accidentally left a recorder running as we walked away. We were fortunate to overlook it, because this chilling EVP was uncovered upon review.

March 28, 2022
Investigators: Beth Rosen, Travis Spitzer, Heather Olsen, Kathy Sellers & Jenny Breitbarth with guests Tammy Spitzer and Nicholas Wendling

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Findings: Nothing to report.

Grave Concerns Paranormal does not view findings presented on this page as evidence of ghosts or the paranormal. These are merely experiences that we can not explain at this time.