Rolling Hills Asylum

Bethany, NY

Established in 1827, the Genesee County Poor House (originally a working farm) soon became a refuge for some of society’s less fortunate. Widows and orphans mingled with the mentally ill and the unclaimed dead were buried on the property. By the early 1950s, the facility served only as a nursing home, where it was then closed by 1972; stepping aside for a new facility in Batavia, NY. After which, the building stood empty until 1992, when it was re-opened as Carriage Village, a mall of unique shops.

One tragic story involved a resident named Roy. Roy suffered from extreme gigantism, a physical deformity that left his face deformed, his hands and feet oversized, and his height well over seven feet. He was sent to live at the asylum because his family considered him an embarrassment. He was brought to the asylum when he was 12, and died there at the age of 62. One of the nurses in the infirmary, Nurse Emmie, was known for her absolute cruelty. She was feared by the inmates and staff. Reports have circulated that Nurse Emmie still walks the halls of Rolling Hills.

August 3, 2012
Investigators: Beth Rosen, Matt Rosen, Travis Spitzer & Heather Olsen with guests Tammy Spitzer & Vince Olsen.

Location Photos: Click to enlarge


School Room: We get what we think are intelligent responses on cue via blue and red maglite flashlights. While asking who could possibly be responsible for the action, we uncovered an eerie EVP that suggests the culprit at hand.

Morgue: While our investigators try to coax an entity seen in the past in this area to come forward, a chair scoots across the floor with absolutely no one near. Unfortunately, the action occurred just off-frame on a video camera mounted nearby.

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