The Bissman Building

Mansfield, OH

The Bissman Building on North Main Street adds a unique, albeit eerie, element to downtown.
Engineered and constructed by the same contractors as the Ohio State Reformatory in 1886, the Gothic Romantic structure was home to the Bissman family’s wholesale grocery distribution center up until the mid 1970s.

Now the 130-year-old building serves as the headquarters of Pirate Printing, a Bissman family-owned printing and embroidery business. For about 90 years, the Bissman Company supplied the greater Mansfield area with various grocery products, including Bissman’s Red Band Coffee, hand rolled Cuban cigars, private labeled canned goods, and a wide array of alcoholic beverages. The Bissman Company ended its successful run as a grocery distributor in 1976 but remained in the beer distribution business into the early 2000s.

May 28, 2011
Investigators: Beth Rosen, Matt Rosen & Travis Spitzer.

Location Photos: Click to enlarge


4th Floor, Ruthie’s Room: With no one near this area, we catch an odd shadow in the right window. Initially, we thought it was being cast on the opposing building. But keep in mind, this is the 4th floor. And our host, Ellis Byrd, said he’s never seen anything like it this high up. Bottom line – this video left us absolutely confounded.

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