The Red Mill

Clinton, NJ

The Red Mill, 56 Main St., Clinton, NJ is over a 100 years old and said to be haunted. The oldest parts of the mill were built back in 1810 by Ralph Hunt to process wool. The Hunt family owned several mills in the area and nearly 400 acres of land. Unfortunately, his business failed within a decade and the mill was eventually purchased by John Bray and John B. Taylor.

Mill work was very dangerous in the 1800s, with little to no safety measures in place. Workers were often maimed or killed and there are numerous stories (some verified) of untimely deaths surrounding Clinton’s Red Mills. Stories tell of a mill worker who fell into the third floor hopper and suffocated to death. Others mention a young boy who lived on the property that was cleaning a revolver when it discharged. Still more say the spirit of a young girl whose father worked at the mill often comes to visit. A verified tale involves the tenant house on the property – documentation shows a death by heart attack.

People have reported hearing footsteps in vacant areas of the tenant house, objects moving with no clear cause throughout the property and even seeing a man on the third floor of the mill.

September 22, 2011
Investigators: Beth Rosen. Matt Rosen & Travis Spitzer

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School House: During our investigation of the nearby school house, our investigator asks for a little interaction. Upon audio review, we discovered there was at least one entity willing to comply
Red Mill Sewing Room: Two of our investigators casually discuss a previous investigation in the sewing room, where a woman wringing her hands has been seen. To our surprise, we didn’t uncover a female presence, but a male that seems to be saying, ’empty, empty.’
Stonecrusher Bldg: We kept getting occasional return whistles that were simply unexplainable. Initially, we thought it was an echo but the wooden structure wasn’t conducive to that and it didn’t occur every time. What’s more, there was absolutely no one nearby.

Grave Concerns Paranormal does not view findings presented on this page as evidence of ghosts or the paranormal. These are merely experiences that we can not explain at this time.