The Shanley Hotel

Napanoch, NY

Before it was The Shanley, The Napanoch Hotel was built by Thomas Ritch in 1845. In 1851 the property changed hands and the Napanoch became Hungerford’s Hotel. In 1895, flames from a nearby house fire burned the hotel to the ground. A few months later a new hotel graced the grounds of this beautiful mountain area.

In 1906, James Shanley, an Irish immigrant, and successful businessman bought the hotel. A curious mix of the rich and famous, gangsters and madams checked in and out of the hotel for decades. The hotel has a secret room with hidden passages to the outside that have now been sealed off.  The historic Bed & Breakfast has boasted several famous guests as well as a few infamous ones that used to patronage the Gentleman’s Club and Bordello. 

Throughout the next few decades the Shanley changed ownership and even served the community as a tavern, the James Shanley Tap Room.  In 1991, it closed its doors and was abandoned for over 10 years until a man with a vision decided to take on the challenge of restoring the building to its former glory.  The hotel is now a major attraction, not just for ghost hunters, but for anyone who wants some time away in a cozy Bed and Breakfast.

May 27, 2017
Investigators: Beth Rosen, Travis Spitzer & Heather Olsen.

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Findings: Nothing to report

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