Waverly Hills Sanatorium


Located in southwestern Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky. The original two-story building opened in 1910 to treat and house approximately 50 patients with tuberculosis. With the “White Plague” rapidly increasing,  a new five-story hospital was built and opened on October 17, 1926 that housed more than 400 patients. Waverly Hills closed in June of 1961 due to the decrease of tuberculosis after the introduction of streptomycin. The santotrium has a 500 foot long tunnel that was originally built for employees to use  and also for supplies to be brought into the sanatorium. During the height of tuberculosis, the tunnel was used to transport the bodies of those that passed away from the disease. Today, people refer to it as the “Death Tunnel” because of the high number of bodies that were transported through the tunnel during those times. 

Shortly after closing, Waverly Hills reopened in 1962 as Woodhaven Geriatric Center. Woodhaven housed aging patients mostly in various stages of dementia, those that were physically and mentally handicapped along with other conditions. Woodhaven was closed by the state in 1982, due to reports of abuse and neglect.  The building remained empty and closed until it was bought in 2001 by Tina and Charlie Mattingly and is now primarily used for giving historical and paranormal tours. 

May 23, 2009
Investigators: Beth Rosen & Matt Rosen with guest Christian Daly.

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Third Floor: When our investigator provokes an alleged spirit, a young boy named Timmy, a disembodied voice mocks him. Notice how Beth, our founder, hears the voice and asks others if they heard the same.

May 31, 2012
Investigators: Beth Rosen, Matt Rosen & Heather Olsen with guests Nick Wendling, Karen Memmolo & Kelly Hoynoski.

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Findings: nothing to report.

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